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Languages on the list (Was: qt3 selbst compilieren)

Hi Jarno, Mariusz and Sven,

I definetly share Jarno's and Mariusz's (?...don't understand ;-) ) opinion 
that discussions on this list should best be in English so that everybody can 
However, if somebody joins the list and asks a question in whatever language 
other than English I'm led to believe that this somebody might have 
difficulties to state the question in English or to understand answers in 
English. So, should we not help him?

I think we should!

Nevertheless, and this goes out to Sven, English is *the* language on this 
list. Try to put your questions in English. Don't worry to much about 
mistakes as most (at least many) people here are non-native speakers.

Kind regards,


P.S.: I would really like to know what "tästä lähtien kirjoittaa kaikki 
viestini Suomeksi, ja sitten onkin ihan turha etsiä apua Altavistan 
käännöspalvelusta!" means ;-)

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