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Laptop blues

Hi all,

i'm trying to set up my laptop

  Siemens Lifebook C   with
  VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility P/M AGP 2x
  (rev 64)

with woody and xfree86-4 and kde...
and i'm getting the blues!

-> with xserver xfree86-mach64 (xfree86-3) and kde-3.1 
   i had a running environment, but even with xfstt fonts were not
   as with xfree86-4. And my grafic was not supporting GL stuff...

-> with xfree86-xserver (xfree86-4) and kde-3.1 fonts were fine,
   but when i switch back from my grafics-screen (ALT-CTRL F7)
   to any ascii-console (ALT-CTRL-F1...6) i only see vertical
   flickering lines... At least i could switch back to F7.

-> then today i upgraded to kde-3.1.1 and qt-3.1.2
   to get rid of the message that 162 packages should be upgraded.
   After that with xfree86-mach64 the kdm crashed 3 times so
   X was not started at all.

-> with xfree86-4 kdm runs at least, but still shows the bug
   with/from qt-3.1.2 discussed on this list, so i downgraded
   back to qt-3.1.1.
   Now also the combination kdm/xfree86-mach64 is running.

-> but then i realized, that the menus behind the mouse-buttons
   are gone :( When i login (xfree86-3-or-4) i see in the upper
   left corner 3 icons appearing and then the background is drawn
   again (flat color, no wallpaper) "over that" and on my desktop
   are no icons and no menus behind the mouse-buttos :(

For space reasons i did a "apt-get clean" and now all my kde-3.1 stuff
is lost. Where can i find these packages now? How can i tell "ktown"
that i want to downgrade back to 3.1?

Is anybody using that ATI Rage Mobility successfully with xfree86-4
and can tell me how to configure it better than i have done?

With best regards,

Bernt Christandl


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