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Woody / kde 2.2.2 / klipper 2.0.0

I saw this same topic posted a month or so ago, but never saw a resolution.  
The problem being that klipper suddenly stopped working. Specifically
the %s variable is not being resolved to URL, but appears as a literal %s
in whichever browser is selected.  This had been working and there were 
no upgrades or updates installed prior to it stopping working. As the orginal
poster said in his message, I've tried the various combinations of using
quotation marks and the escape character with the %s, but no matter what,
the URL is simply %s.  This is true with any of the browsers in the default
list, Konqueror, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, and Lynx.  The only difference 
being the actual error message the individual browser returns.... 'Malformed 
URL' in Konq, 'file:\\%s not found' in Netscape, etc.  Any ideas what might
have changed to cause this or how it can be fixed?

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