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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

Official Debian packages will always be the slowest moving simply due to
the fact of having to deal with buildds and having to ensure that the
packages build on all 11 arches.  Until last week KDE couldn't have been
rebuilt reasonably regardless of if I had time to do it or not, qt
simply wasn't ready. As far as I know all the maintainers were aware of
this issue and it was even mentioned on this list, Ralf sent a message
mentioning what would have to be changed to packages building against
Qt. I will most likely have updated debs in sid by the end of this
weekend (barring anymore computer trouble).

I really wish dirk would fix the s390 bug in acinclude.m4.in already, he
is aware that the bug exists but hasn't committed the 2 line fix for it.


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