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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

Long story... ;)

kdenetwork originally could not be uploaded with the rest of the KDE
packages due to it building against libslp, which at the time required
linking to openssl, which is not allowed to be done by a GPL app.  libslp
was recompiled without openssl support on Feb 7. However we then found
that Qt needed to be reorganized and rebuilt which finished on Feb 25.
Also sometime around Feb 14 I sold my desktop's motherboard/ram, and two
laptops.  After Qt was finished building I tried to move the hard drive
with all my KDE related data on it to another machine to recompile all
of KDE. However, grub for some reason does not like that machine and
kept getting stuck in a reboot loop.  I will have access to another
machine this weekend and will try seeing if I can make grub boot on that
one. I also have a lot of exams and projects this semester which has
been taking up most of my time. I will be graduating in May finally 8).



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