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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

Hi Scott,

you still don't get it. So let's go through it step by step:

On Tuesday 04 March 2003 23:18, Scott C. Linnenbringer wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 March 2003 03:17 am, Felix Homann wrote:
> > Dear Scott,
> >
> > thanks for your friendly comment. It's great to read such competent
> > answers "OVER and OVER and OVER again". Unfortunatly you did not even
> > come close to answering my question. This can have a couple of reasons:
> Oh really?
> > 1.) You did not even read my message. Otherwise you should have noticed
> > that I not only read the mailing list, I even gave you the date this was
> > discussed the last time.
> I will give you credit there, but reading the mailing list is different
> from coming to the realization that no one *knows* when KDE will be
> completely in sid. It's sid, for christ's sake.

Never have I asked *when*, the question was *why* kdenetwork isn't in Sid yet. 
Thus, I'm still not convinced you had read my original message. Have you by 

> > 2.) If you have read my message, you did not understand it.
> I understood it perfectly.

You haven't yet!

> > 3.) You prefer to bash people.
> That may be, but that was not the case in my previous message.
> > According to your own criteria I guess I could call you incompetent.
> Not really, just a little angry at the constant questions of "when will kde
> be in sid, my system is borked." The question is that no one knows the
> current situation very well, and the question we should be asking is
> whether someone needs to upload the packages in his presence. The status of
> KDE has been announced on this mailing list for weeks.

No, no, no! Chris knows the current situation very well. He just did not tell 
the list what was going on. Now he has and I'm pretty fine. The current 
status of kdenetwork has not been clarified on this list until Chris' answer 
in this thread. And again, no "when" in my question.

> > But I
> > wouldn't do that, cause maybe you've just been in a bad mood.
> Maybe.
> > I could guess that you had a very hard childhood (still having it?) which
> > would justify your behaviour.
> Now this is getting stupid and absurd. I won't even respond to such a
> response.
> > But this would be just as much guessing as
> > your comment: "Sid is not meant for people, like you, who want to have
> > things work out of the box."
> Maybe I jumped the gun on that comment, not knowing your true intentions,
> but I am a little discouraged with the same people who absolutely demand
> that packages be uploaded, especially when they are available elsewhere,
> into sid and expect a working system (remember, you said you'd just as well
> use Ralf Nolden's *complete* packages, right? Oh, of course you said that.)

Well, my system *is* working perfectly. I *am* using Chris' kdenetwork 
packages and have no complain about the packages. But I would like a 
consistent Sid, i.e. as much packages as possible from official sources. 
Currently kde (read: kdenetwork) in Sid is broken. Last comment on the list 
was the packages were held up by the ftp-masters. I wanted to know why, and 
if this still was the case! Nothing more, nothing less.

> > How should you know what I want? You don't even know/understand the
> > question I've asked!
> heh.
> > Moreover, you are definately not the one who makes the
> > rules for whom Sid is made...
> Whoa! Who the hell said I make the rules for sid? Does that mean I'm an
> ub3r-l33t Debian developer as well?

At least, it was *you* who told me Sid wasn't made for *me*! 
Since I can't find anything like that in the policies it must have been you 
making that rule!

(What does "ub3r-l33t" mean, seriously?)

> > To make it a little simpler for you, let me cite my original question:
> > "Why has kdenetwork still not made it into Sid?"
> That wasn't your original question.

Yes, it was. Here, for your convenience, again, copied from my original mail:


once again the question: Why has kdenetwork still not made it into Sid?"

Don't confuse the subject with the question. The subject "Where is kdenetwork, 
where is Chris?" was chosen in order to reflect its relation to the thread 
"Where is kdenetwork?", the very thread you assumed I had not read. 

> > Since you seemingly don't know the answer why do you pretend to answer at
> > all?
> Because I did know the answer. Not everything you're looking for, but not
> everything you're looking for exists.

Assuming you have known *why* kdenetwork still isn't in Sid, why have you not 
chosen to tell me and the list? I think it's more an Douglas Adams like 
situation:  You might have known an answer but not the question...

> > Apologies are welcome,
> Before we bore and frustrate the general audience, let's take this
> off-list. In fact, I don't feel like even making a flame war out of it to
> begin, so let's just not take it anywhere. Unless you want to. :)
> --
> Scott C. Linnenbringer
> finger sl at eskimo.com

Got it now?

Probably not, but who cares?


Kind regards,


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