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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

On Monday 03 March 2003 06:39 pm, Jeff Elkins wrote:

> I'm a Debian newbie/refugee from RedHat and don't consider myself
> particularly unqualified to use Sid. And yes, I'm wondering where KDE 3.1
> (complete) is and why I can't use apt-get to install it rather than
> compiling my own.

There's nothing with wrong with being a newbie. And nothing wrong with being a 
newbie using sid. It's just that if you require a working system that works 
well and never really changes radically (like gcc et cetera), then woody 
would be better. If you haven't had difficulties yet with sid, you will. 
Unless you want to take the time and effort to read mailing lists, 
newsgroups, Google, bugs.debian.org and the others.

Sid is a great distribution for newbies (and of course gurus alike) who want 
to learn more about their systems and who want to face problems (which they 
then like to fix, or keep broken if they can't.)

> I have searched the archives and they don't provide the info.

That's because it's sid. The reason KDE is in disarray to begin with is due to 
various problems (most of which not need to be reiterated.)

> I don't
> understand why this is an unreasonable question. I need to install KDE 3.1
> on two slow iMac powerpc boxes and apt-get would beat the heck out of
> compiles.
> In general, my experience with Sid has been fine.

Not if you need KDE and it ain't working for you. :)

Scott C. Linnenbringer
finger sl at eskimo.com

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