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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

Le Mardi 4 Mars 2003 16:35, Karolina Lindqvist a écrit :
> There are packaging bugs (*blush*) and unique debian bugs. But I have fixed
> those I found, last week. I will also build KDE 3.1.1, as soon as it is
> out, maybe next week. And in between I am building more applications, or
> rebuilding for new upstreams versions.
> Karolina
Are you adamant Karolina to work on you own set of packages or would you be 
ready if there is a correct agreement with Chris Cheney to work on a common 
official set of packages ?

I do understand that for learning purpose it can be nicer to work on your own 
but for the community, duplicating work when we have a shortage of capable 
packagers like you seems some kind of a waste.


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