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Re: Konqueror problems with Arial font

On 14.Feb 2003 - 13:02:09, Nick Leverton wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 01:23:25PM +0000, Nick Leverton wrote:
> > All used to be fine in KDE2.2.2.  Other fonts than Arial appear fine.
> > If I show the same pages in Mozilla (v1.0.0) then it displays fine.  So I
> > guess the problem may be in khtml's rendering in KDE3.1 ?  Especially
> > sinze Quanta also exhibits the same problem.  Can anyone else reproduce
> > this ?
> I've put up a test page at http://www.leverton.org/test.html which
> demonstrates (with screenshots) the problem.  I'd be grateful if a few
> people could find time to look at it and see whether they also get the
> incorrect rendering of Arial under Konq 3.1 on Testing.

Works for me, but I've compile kde3.1 myself using konstruct, everything
else is testing here. 

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