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Konqueror problems with Arial font

I'm running Ralf's ktown KDE3.1 under Debian Testing, and I have a problem
with web pages which explicitly specify "arial" as the font.  The problem
is that ordinary text displays fixed at some default size, yet bold text
displays at the correct size.  http://www.leverton.org/test.html shows
it up.  Arial, as far as I know, is the version from msttcorefonts
(though I do have Abiword installed).

I also find that extended characters are displayed wrongly, for instance
copyright (©) is displayed as the Spanish upside-down-questionmark
and most accented characters come up as something else entirely.

All used to be fine in KDE2.2.2.  Other fonts than Arial appear fine.
If I show the same pages in Mozilla (v1.0.0) then it displays fine.  So I
guess the problem may be in khtml's rendering in KDE3.1 ?  Especially
sinze Quanta also exhibits the same problem.  Can anyone else reproduce
this ?


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