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Re: Problems with Kppp of Ralf's

A Divendres 14 Febrer 2003 11:14, Achim Bohnet va escriure:

> Workaround is to add user password to /etc/ppp/{chap,pap}-secrets.
> I had not time yet to investigate why password entry given in kppp
> is ignored in woody KDE 3.1.

I don't understand very much this. Are you telling that password entry is 
ignored i kppp in woody KDE 3.1? It works for root perfectly, but not for the 
normal users (group dip)

> > I remember something about the /etc/options
> > noauth
> I've created a /etc/ppp/peers/kppp with
> noauth
> debug
> and added in kppp to pppd arguments 'call kppp'

ok, I will try.



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