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Problems with Kppp of Ralf's


I have upgrade my box from a kde3.03 (unoffical) to Ralf's 3.1 packages. I 
have had some problems, but, reading in the list, and some time, all more or 
less work.

My question is about a stupid problem that I don't know how to resolve. Kppp 
in debian (I think) since 2.2.2 comes with SGID (dialout? dip?)

When I upgraded from 2.2.2 to 3.0.3 I have the same problem, and I resolved it 
in a ugly way (to me at home it's ok). 

Now, I don't now how to resolve it, and I have the same problem. Root can 
connect with the ISP, so the configuration file it's correct.

The error I have it's a exit status 19.

---man pppd---
19 We failed to authenticate ourselves to the peer.
---/man pppd---

I remember something about the /etc/options

it's ok.

My user is on the dip group, I have changed to 764 /dev/ttyS0 (where the modem 
it's attached).

I have tested :

chmod g+s kppp
chmod u+s kppp
chmod +x kppp

Well, what I'am doing wrong? 

I'm a bit frustating because I'm sure it's a stupid thing and I don't know how 
to do it.

Thank's in advance.

Best regards,


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