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Re: Mosfet Liquid's KDE theme doesn't work on my SID since last upgrades.

tisdagen den 11 februari 2003 11.20 skrev Patrice W.:

> 	Now, trying to change it in kcontrol, i've got the following error
> whene clicking on the "Mosfet's Liquid" tab :
>    /usr/lib/libkcm_liquid.so: undefined symbol:
>    _ZNK18QMimeSourceFactory12makeAbsoluteERK7QStringS2_
> 	For the moment, I'm running KDE 3.1 from Karolina's set, under un
> up-to-date Debian SID.
> 	What could I do ?

I have just built a version of it, so as long as you use my KDE 3.1, I can 
provide most apps.
The place to get my packages is preferrably the mirror: 


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