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Re: Qt Changes ahead - Info for package maintainers + developers

> > I know at least one case when linking against pthread is not
> > acceptable. It is when use any other threading library than
> > libpthread.
> > E.g. we often use home-made non-preemptive thread library because it
> > better fits our needs than pthreads. It is absolutely incompatable
> > with pthreads and if linked together will cause segfault on any 'new'
> > (or 'malloc') operator.
> > I guess (but I am not sure) that using of alternative thread libs such
> > as NGPT will also cause problems.
> Well, then you have to stick with the non-threaded version if your app
> is a Qt app. We're not speaking of throwing the non-threaded version
> away but more about making any application that links against Qt to use
> qt-mt instead of qt whereever possible.

But libqt.so for qt3 should still be provided, not only libqt3-mt.so
If you want developers to link their apps to against libqt-mt, just write 
documentation asking developers to do so, and file bugs if they don't.

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