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Re: Qt Changes ahead - Info for package maintainers + developers

On Dienstag, 11. Februar 2003 13:27, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:
> > > I know at least one case when linking against pthread is not
> > > acceptable. It is when use any other threading library than
> > > libpthread.
> > > E.g. we often use home-made non-preemptive thread library because it
> > > better fits our needs than pthreads. It is absolutely incompatable
> > > with pthreads and if linked together will cause segfault on any 'new'
> > > (or 'malloc') operator.
> > > I guess (but I am not sure) that using of alternative thread libs such
> > > as NGPT will also cause problems.
> >
> > Well, then you have to stick with the non-threaded version if your app
> > is a Qt app. We're not speaking of throwing the non-threaded version
> > away but more about making any application that links against Qt to use
> > qt-mt instead of qt whereever possible.
> But libqt.so for qt3 should still be provided, not only libqt3-mt.so
> If you want developers to link their apps to against libqt-mt, just write
> documentation asking developers to do so, and file bugs if they don't.

???? That is exactly what we're doing right now !! The difference between the 
last Qt packages and the current ones are that those stupid bloatware static 
libraries are dropped and that you can be sure that when you want to develop 
for libqt.so you only get exactly that, same for qt-mt.


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