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Re: Mosfet Liquid's KDE theme doesn't work on my SID since last upgrades.

You could show the kde-theme-liquid version you are using.

Anyway, I have made an unofficial package for kde-theme-liquid for
the current Sid situation.
I'm not sure if there will be any problem with Karolina's set.

deb http://coyote.asoc.euitt.upm.es/mud/debian ./
deb-src http://coyote.asoc.euitt.upm.es/mud/debian ./


Current version 0.9.6-pre4


patrice@sden.org (2003-02-11 at 1120.10 +0100):
> Hello everybody !
> 	As said in the subject, I am suddenly unable to get mosfet's liquid 
> theme working.
> 	After an upgrade of some packages (I don't remember exactly wich 
> 	ones, but it's maybe only due to a qt lib or simply to kde-theme-liquid and 
> mosfet) KDE restarted with another theme than Liquid's one.
> 	Now, trying to change it in kcontrol, i've got the following error 
> whene clicking on the "Mosfet's Liquid" tab :
>   /usr/lib/libkcm_liquid.so: undefined symbol:
>   _ZNK18QMimeSourceFactory12makeAbsoluteERK7QStringS2_
> 	For the moment, I'm running KDE 3.1 from Karolina's set, under un 
> up-to-date Debian SID.
> 	What could I do ?

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