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Re: Testing/Security (was: Re: 3.1 kl - 3.1 final)

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Am Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2003 12:12 schrieb Paul Cupis:
> If you want to run testing and get security updates, then either help
> ensure the that glibc gets into testing in good time (et cetera) so that
> security uploads into sid move into testing with only a 2 day delay, or
> keep an eye on the security problems and temporarily pull the fixed
> packages from sid until they move into testing themselves.

That's what I do currently. Security-Announcement lack one thing, though: the 
use the name for the source package, not the one for the binary package. E.g. 
the latest dhcp3 issue was only with dhcp3-relay, not all dhcp3 packages.
But e.g. the newer cups packages was a little bit more work, because pulling 
that one also involved gs-esp, puh.
BTW: what would be the "amount of additional work"? Mostly, the fixed packages 
compile in testing without a hick and thus the packages would only have to be 
compiled. I always thought that this was kind of automated...

BTW: what is all this fuzz about libc6-2.3? Are there any package that 
actually _requires_ this newer lib? No? Then why holding back? 
gcc-transition? But what about the non-C++ packages? Strange...


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