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related to the kdm hangs ? system crashes !

I posted earlier about the kdm long startup time.  Sorry, I did not realize 
this problem was already known and had already been posted in this forum.

On another note:  Two times now on two separate Debian/Sid machines (once per 
machine), the system has come to an absolute screeching halt !  It does 
appear related to the recent KDE packages.  I cannot find any notice about 
what has happened written to the log files.  The only clue there is the long 
pause between log entries and when I finally hit the reset button.  It also 
appears to occur following a screen save.  This problem at present is not 
repeatable (at least I don't know how to repeat it).

I am glad I am using the reiserfs !

James D. Freels, Ph.D.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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