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Re: kwin development files

david david% dlocate kwin | grep include
libqt3-dev: /usr/include/qt/qdockwindow.h
kdelibs4-dev: /usr/include/kde/kwinmodule.h
kdelibs4-dev: /usr/include/kde/kwin.h
kdelibs4-dev: /usr/include/kde/kdockwindow.h
kdelibs4-dev: /usr/include/kde/kwindowlistmenu.h
kdelibs4-dev: /usr/include/kde/kwindowinfo.h
kdebase-dev: /usr/include/kde/kwin
kdebase-dev: /usr/include/kde/kwin/options.h
kdebase-dev: /usr/include/kde/kwin/client.h
kdebase-dev: /usr/include/kde/kwin/workspace.h
kdebase-dev: /usr/include/kde/kwin/kwinbutton.h
libgtk1.2-dev: /usr/include/gtk-1.2/gtk/gtkwindow.h

/me would like to point out the pure funkyness of highlighting
something in linux and pasting it on a windows machine using VNC.

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> Sorry, I forgot to mention some other information.
> I am using 3.1, and I'm not on the list.  Please CC me.
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