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What about a meta package


I just installed KDE 3.1 for Woody from kde.org. I'm impressed by your
excellent work! Thanks!

What I'm missing is a KDE meta package that automagically drags in all
the nice stuff. In the official archives there is "kde", "kde-extras"
and so forth.  Of course, it doesn't work for KDE 3.1

Furthermore the koffice meta package (koffice 1.2.1) has a dependency
issue. kpresenter is uninstallable, as it depends on libarts1-qt which
is unavailable.

Thirdly, I greatly appreciate that full text indexing is now done system
wide instead of per-user. But for me it doesn't seem to work. The
document search path is empty and there seems to be no configuration
option. Do I have to install the -doc-html packages for this purpose? I
also would like to suggest that the default path to htdig and htsearch
be changed to match htdig's default install locations on Debian. The
same goes for the database location.



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