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Re: xmmsarts not installable

On Sun, 2003-02-02 at 15:08, Robert Kratky wrote:
> kde3 source. as xmmsarts no longer exists (and is not needed), you don't 
> need to worry about it...

News to me, and I'm supposed to be maintaining the thing! (xmmsarts)
Although, admittedly, I haven't really looked at it or made an upload in
ages... *hangs head in shame*.

But seriously though, I'm using the kl 3.1 debs right now, and there is
an artsd, and xmmsarts uses it. Of course, xmms has always worked fine
without xmmsarts, as long as you have artsd set to suspend after N secs
of inactivity (for some sensible number N), and don't use xmms and kde
apps (or KDE system sounds) at the same time.

I _did_ have to recompile and change the deps to libarts1 rather than
libarts, and I was going to upload that when KDE 3 gets into sid. If you
want that version, it's available from my people.d.o directory (see

Hope this helps,

Chris Boyle - http://people.debian.org/~cmb/
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