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Re: (KL's deb)is kdeexstragear1 installable?

> A saw kbabel 1.1 announced on apps-announce last sunday.
> kmrml was announced with version 0.3.2 on 2002-12-10,
> kooka with version 0.39 on 2002-12-24,
> ktuberling 0.3.2

Sure, but they're still tied to the official KDE release cycle.  Thus,
for instance, kbabel 1.1 is part of KDE 3.1.

This is not true of extragear apps.  e.g., there's never a 'safe' time
to check out the extragear source trees, since while one app might be
frozen, another might be under heavy development.

The official apps on the other hand (like kbabel, kooka, kmail, etc) all
freeze at the same time, get translations at the same time, release at
the same time, have a KDE_3_1_BRANCH, etc; thus it's 'safe' to take the
entire kdetoys, kdenetwork, kdepim, etc. packages on release dates or
on bugfix branches and release them all together.


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