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Re: KDE3.1: which packages?

Am Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2003 10:45 schrieb Paul Cupis:

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> On Wednesday 29 Jan 2003 08:37, Thomas Watz wrote:
>> yesterday I did a upgrade from 3.0.5a to 3.1 on my sarge system (some
>> packages are from sid). It works mostly, but to do this is a mess.
>> Perhaps I am doing something wrong. I had to specify every program with
>> version number, e.g.
>> apt-get install kate=4:3.1* kedit=4:3.1* ......
>> This was a lot of work and has taken the whole evening. I do not know,
>> why it is not possible to use the metapackages, e.g.
>> apt-get install kdeutils
>> This gives a lot of dependency problems and results in the above
>> mentioned behaviour.
>> Am I doing something wrong? Has anybody a hint what could have gone
>> wrong? sources.list wrong? I don't know.
> For some reason, apt is not seeing the 3.1 packages as newer/higher
> priority than your existing packages - you can diagnose this using
> apt-cache policy:
>   apt-cache policy kdeutils
> This will tell you what version you have installed, what versions are
> available (and their prioirity) and whether or not apt thinks the package
> should be upgraded.
> A priority of 500 is the default given to all sources unless overridden in
> /etc/apt/preferences (apt_preferences(5)). A priority of 100 is given to
> installed packages.
> You should try (or have tried) this command for a few of the packages to
> see why apt didn't want to upgrade, and create/edit /etc/apt/preferences
> to suit.
> Regards,
> Paul Cupis

Hello Paul,

thank you for your explanitions here. This sounds very logical and will have
a look at this. I just played around in /etc/apt/preferences and will see
with the next packages. 

Thank you for your hint.


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