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Re: (KL's deb)is kdeexstragear1 installable?

tisdagen den 28 januari 2003 14.38 skrev Ben Burton:
> > 	Seems it's not installable because it requires gwenview
> > 	(>=4:3.1.0+cvs20021221+kl-1) but only 0.16.0pre1-1 remains.
> kdeextragear-{1,2} should not be built as a single .deb; instead, the
> individual apps are on their own release cycles and should be packaged
> separately.

Yes, I did that mistake first, and also the mistake of using the same epoch on 
all KDE packages, so I have to increase the epoch for the kdeextragear 

Some other packages within KDE also have their own release cycles and version 
numbering. Maybe they also should be broken out?


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