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Re: final binaries of 3.1 up


I`ve installed the latest KDE woody debs from  
http://ktown.kde.org/~nolden/kde/woody/i386 and encountered some problems:

The upgrade from KDE 3.0.5a debs did not work for me, I had to remove the kde 
stuff completely and install the new debs afterwards.

Sound is not working (correctly). If I try to play a mp3 file from noatun it 
takes ages for noatun to start up and the track is almost not to be heard 
(because of many disturbances). If I use xmms with xmmsarts the track is 
played without any trouble. 

The system sounds are not played, even if I try to manually play e.g. the 
KDE_Startup.wav from kcontrol->Sound&Multimedia->System Notifications there's 
nothing played.

Can someone verify this or am I doing anything wrong/missed something?


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