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Re: Report on Ralf's Woody Debs

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On Montag, 13. Januar 2003 22:28, Christopher Martin wrote:
> Hello,
> Currently I'm running Ralf's 3.1RC6 Woody debs on a Sarge system. On
> the whole, they work really well - major thanks to everyone involved
> for the great work done so far. However, I've collected a list of
> bugs/requests/questions which I thought I'd post:
> 1. Truetype fonts look quite bad (really 'dirty' looking - like the
> bytecode interpreter isn't on) in 3.1RC6, compared to Mozilla which
> looks great. Truetype under 3.0.5a looked fine - just like Mozilla
> still does. Currently I have libfreetype6 2.1.2-9 installed.
> Anti-aliasing works.
Works here.

> 2. The K3b package. I had to manually install libvorbisenc, and then
> manually create links for libvorbisfile.so.0 and libvorbisenc.so.0
> but eventually I figured it out. Am I correct in thinking that these
> problems occur only because I'm running Sarge and not straight Woody?
Known problem due to the differences woody <-> sarge/sid with vorbis. Use 
those symlinks.

Remember, k3b is made directly out of the CVS sources whenever I see something 
done :-) so you could report problems to the author (Sebastian Trueg) so he 
can fix them easier.

> 3. The oKle package - it's great of you to provide all these
> convenient debs! I do have a problem with it, however. When I compile
> oKle myself from source, I simply have to type 'okle' to start it up.
> With your new debian package, however, there is no 'okle' executable.
> There is something called okle_gui, but executing it results in the
> following error:
> Please do not call the ogle_gui binary directly!
> Instead copy it to /usr/lib/ogle/ogle_gui and then run ogle.
> I suppose that I could follow these instructions and get things going,
> but I shouldn't have to. I'm not sure why things aren't set up (like
> they are when compiling from source) so that you just have to run
> 'okle' and it works. No conflict with ogle-gui either.

I just built the package as-is, no look at testing. That's what you're up for 
:-) I'll have a look when I have time to do so.

> 4. Package requests - could you create debs for kbiff
> (http://www.granroth.org/kbiff/) and a handy little utility for
> tweaking xvideo output, written by the Ogle guys, xvattr
> (http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/groups/dvd/downloads.shtml)? Those are
> the only two KDE programs I use that aren't packaged... which is
> pretty amazing :)
I want to add the first one anyway, the second - haven't seen it but I'll have 
a look.

> 5. Does anyone know if it is possible to revert to the old 3.0 layout
> for KDM? The new way KDM is arranged looks pretty bad, at least to
> me.
Change the code, recompile. The listview on the left is the default now which 
is better than the former iconview when you have many users.

> Otherwise, everything I've tried works as it should. Many thanks.
> Sincerely,
> Christopher Martin

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