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Report on Ralf's Woody Debs


Currently I'm running Ralf's 3.1RC6 Woody debs on a Sarge system. On 
the whole, they work really well - major thanks to everyone involved 
for the great work done so far. However, I've collected a list of 
bugs/requests/questions which I thought I'd post:

1. Truetype fonts look quite bad (really 'dirty' looking - like the 
bytecode interpreter isn't on) in 3.1RC6, compared to Mozilla which 
looks great. Truetype under 3.0.5a looked fine - just like Mozilla 
still does. Currently I have libfreetype6 2.1.2-9 installed. 
Anti-aliasing works.

2. The K3b package. I had to manually install libvorbisenc, and then 
manually create links for libvorbisfile.so.0 and libvorbisenc.so.0 
but eventually I figured it out. Am I correct in thinking that these 
problems occur only because I'm running Sarge and not straight Woody?

Anyway, it runs nicely as a regular user, but as root I get the 
following output:

_KDE_IceTransmkdir: Owner of /tmp/.ICE-unix should be set to root
kio (KService*): WARNING: Invalid Service : Internet/KOrn.desktop
Id 'kde2.2/r1' was already in done-list!
Id 'kde3.0/r1' was already in done-list!
mcop warning: user defined signal handler found for SIG_PIPE, 
/tmp/mcop-chris is not owned by user
Mutex destroy failure: Device or resource busy

and it fails to run. Any ideas what might be wrong? Should I report 
this to http://k3b.sourceforge.net ?

3. The oKle package - it's great of you to provide all these 
convenient debs! I do have a problem with it, however. When I compile 
oKle myself from source, I simply have to type 'okle' to start it up. 
With your new debian package, however, there is no 'okle' executable. 
There is something called okle_gui, but executing it results in the 
following error:

Please do not call the ogle_gui binary directly!
Instead copy it to /usr/lib/ogle/ogle_gui and then run ogle.

I suppose that I could follow these instructions and get things going, 
but I shouldn't have to. I'm not sure why things aren't set up (like 
they are when compiling from source) so that you just have to run 
'okle' and it works. No conflict with ogle-gui either.

4. Package requests - could you create debs for kbiff 
(http://www.granroth.org/kbiff/) and a handy little utility for 
tweaking xvideo output, written by the Ogle guys, xvattr 
(http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/groups/dvd/downloads.shtml)? Those are 
the only two KDE programs I use that aren't packaged... which is 
pretty amazing :)

5. Does anyone know if it is possible to revert to the old 3.0 layout 
for KDM? The new way KDM is arranged looks pretty bad, at least to 

Otherwise, everything I've tried works as it should. Many thanks.


Christopher Martin

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