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Re: ogg and 3.1

On Friday 03 January 2003 08:02 am, David Bishop wrote:
> Using Karolina's packages, decoding any ogg file in noatun uses 25-40% of
> my cpu (PIII 750Mhz, 768Meg ram), and skips horribly (unlistenably). 
> Playing the same file using ogg123 works perfectly, as do mp3s in noatun.
> Confirmation of the problem?  Possible fix?  I'm running 2.4.19 with the
> pre-empt patch, and artswrapper is installed suid, and real-time is turned
> on in kcontrol->sound.  Since about 2/3rds of my collection is in .ogg,
> this is rather painful :-(

Replying to my own message, after a complete system purge of everything qt and 
kde related, and then installing the ktown packages (for woody on unstable, I 
know I know), oggs are working wonderfully.  They also seem (warning, placebo 
effect ahead) faster.  Many thanks to everyone involved, especially Karolina 
for giving me the opportunity to run KDE 3.1 for the last couple months.


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