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Re: Java Sun J2SE 1.4.1 and kde3.1 beta 1

> I can see all the appets in that page and execute them with Konqueror. I am 
>running KDE 3.0.3 under Debian Woody + a bit of unstable and j2re1.3 
>My path to java in Konqueror Settings is /usr/lib/j2re1.3/bin/java 
>My Line for the j2re1.3 package in sources.list is: 
>deb ftp://ftp.oleane.net/pub/java-linux/debian woody non-free 
>Pablo de Vicente 
>KDE-es spanish translation team. 
using google I arrived there, but trying to  
apt-get install j2re1.3 
it tells me:  
Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies: 
  j2re1.3: Depends: j2se-common (> 1) but it is not installable 
E: Sorry, broken packages 
where can I get this package? can you give me the right sources.list line?  
thanks you! 
Linux user since 1998, Debian user since 2002 
PS: I found debian very fast!! 
Bye by Vlad/Nick

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