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Re: Bugs

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On Mittwoch, 1. Januar 2003 18:36, Felix Homann wrote:
> 1. Happy new year
1. thanks.
> 2. Thank you Ralf for these debs.
2. you're welcome
> 3. I encountered bugs:
> 3a. libtaskbar.so(.1(.0.0)) is missing in the latest build. Hence the
> taskbar won't work. (see other message in the list)
3a. that's surely due to Dirk's changing of the libs. The version numbers have 
been removed and I followed building the debs probably a bit too quickly 
after he checked his changes into the CVS, I pulled, fixed the install files, 
comitted and built the packages. :-)
> 3b. There's also a version numbering bug in kdeedu. apt-get wants to
> "upgrade" the package by downgrading.
3b. kdeedu is the same case as with kdesdk. You have to remove it completely. 
I made this big mistake and used this 4: epoch instead of leaving it out 
because kdeedu never needed it so needs to be numbered normally. Please 
remove all kdeedu packages by hand, I'm sorry for this mistake (that I 
learned about tuesday night unfortunately)
4. Thanks for being my test-bunny :-)

> Regards,
> Felix

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