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KDE debs and bug repoting

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Hi all,

1. happy new year 
2. thanks for appreciations
3. if you encounter bugs, feel free to report. Please make sure you deleted 
all debs and upgraded to the exact debs on ktown.kde.org. Unfortunately 
especially kdesdk had a bug in version numbering.
4. bug reporting can either go to me if you encounter things missing or going 
wrong and/or to the list to make sure things will work out better with a 
rebuilt of the affected packages
5. application bugs/crashes should please be reported on bugs.kde.org. Please 
use the "Help" -> "Report Bug" functionality in KDE applications. If you use 
a third-party program that has a bug you want to report, there should be an 
interface that will send a mail to the author of the program directly.
6. whishlist for programs: I'd like to offer as many 3rd party KDE apps as 
possible. Please send me URLs for deb-src'es of programs that you know that 
aren't in my collection so I can rebuild them (basically mirror them). The 
intention is to upload those third party apps into sid as soon as KDE 3.1 is 
a part of it :-) and most often the debian dir and packaging still needs to 
be done.

7. why I am doing this: It's not to "steal" other people's "job" but because I 
use woody myself since September (last year). I've been a SuSE user for years 
and have started to work for credativ (www.credativ.de) since September last 
year which is focused on Debian (though we also do things with SuSE, RH and 
MDK, you name it), and now I wanted to give Debian a serious try. The result 
was that I wanted current debs and that we got a contract that required us to 
have debs for woody, so those woody debs are basically also a by-product that 
we're giving away (which, as most of my co-workers are debian people also, is 
the focus, to give back as much as possible).  As we're using the debs 
ourselves now combined with the fact that I don't like messing with my system 
with a plain configure, make make install any more like I used to do with a 
SuSE system, the third party apps plus continuous work on the kde debs is the 
hobby part of it :-)

Thanks for listening.

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We're not a company, we just produce better code at less costs.
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Ralf Nolden

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