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Re: Question about upgrade KDE 3.0.4

> First Question:  Does KDE 3.0 really work with Debian (I rather suspect
> something that hasn't made it into Debian's STABLE source yet).
KDE 3.0.4 works well on Debian and is in my opinion more stable than KDE 2.2.
I think you should upgrade if you use your computer mainly as a Desktop. If 
you use it as a server and use KDE only to fire some xterms. Maybe, you can 

> Second Question:  Can anyone tell me how to properly set DSELECT to a
> valid source?  Alternatively, if I have to download and compile myself
> (usually through the make series or whatever), do I have to do anything
> else to properly register KDE 3.0 with APT/APT-GET/DSELECT so that I
> don't find KDE downgraded sometime later?
>    - Mike
The easiest way is to dist-upgrade to sid and follow the instructions on 
http://www.davidpashley.com/debian-kde/faq.html and related links. 
Remember that you must first remove completely KDE 2 before installing KDE 3.
These faqs have not been updated for the new apt line for KDE 3.0.4.
which is for sid :

deb http://download.uk.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/3.0.4/Debian/sid ./

(you can change uk for another code country and sid to woody)

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