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Re: 178 days and counting

On Fri, 2002-09-27 at 19:58, scooter wrote:
> what happens on a Debian system when you compile from source? I have run in succession 3.0 alpha, 3.0beta, 3.1 alpha and now 3.1beta (or for you purests 3.0.7) All built from tarballs on the dread RH. I have never had the slightest difficulty with KDE on RH unless it was something of my own doing but for reasons I will not go into on this list, I am switching to Debian. Since I am a gnome blows kinda guy and require, no insist that I have KDE and in the 3.0 family running on debian woody. I have no experience with .deb or any other debian tools. never liked RPMs for that matter and have always built my packages from source. 
> What say you fellows? source? will there be issues?  

No more than on any other system, I guess. Just make sure you never have
something installed *both* as a .deb package and as self compiled. (But
that's the same as with rpm systems).

Use apt-get to grab anything you don't want to compile, then go from
there. One thing to pay attention: the default compiler on most Debian
platforms is gcc-2.9x, so gcc-3.2 might not be installed (iirc kde did
have some problems with earlier compilers).

Not sure if the gcc from woody is recent enough to support the newest
kde betas - you may want to have a mixed woody/sarge system (read 'man

-- vbi

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