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Re: Reading kmail's Mail/ with other MUAs (was: Re: kmail: corrupted mbox folders)

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On Thursday 12 September 2002 11:36 am, Paul Cupis wrote:
> On Thursday 12 September 2002 16:17, Joerg Platte wrote:
> > Am Donnerstag, 12. September 2002 14:59 schrieb Michael Schmitz:
> > > My actual problem is as follows:
> > > If I click on a mail in a mbox folder it's going corrupted imediately.
> > > Subject, sender etc. changes to  'unknown' and the messages seems to be
> > > a mixture of more than one mail.
> >
> > I've had the same problem before switching all mboxes to maildirs.
> >
> > > Using mutt, I can read the folders with no problem. But I've recognized
> > > that all old mails which I've deleted via Kmail are still there.
> >
> > That's the problem. Don't read mailboxes with other programs than kmail.
> > If this program modifies the mbox, kmails index files are invalid.
> This situation occured to me recently. Is there a known/recommended way to
> use multiple MUA's, where kmail is the primary agent? I have kmail set up
> to use maildir, but as you say, other agents corrupt/invalidate the
> indexes.
> Is it a matter of deleting the index before running kmail and compressing
> the folders whewn closing kmail?

When using maildir, there shouldn't *be* indexes.  Indexes are a hack to work 
around inefficiences with using mbox.  However, if you have upgraded from a 
previous version of KMail that didn't support maildir, all your previous 
mailboxes will still be in mbox format.  There are various ways to convert 
from one to the other, mainly, in kmail create a new folder (inbox2), copy 
all your mail (from inbox), exit kmail, delete the old folder and indexes, 
start kmail, copy all mail back.  For non-system folders, you can create a 
new folder and then just rename it after deleting the old one.  Yes it's 
hackish, no, afaik, there is no better way :-(

To address your first question, I can tell you how *I* do it.  I normally read 
all my mail at work, where I have KDE running all the time (collecting my 
work and home mail).  However, when at home I am generally just checking for 
responses and whatnot, and don't need the filtering capability and whatnot.  
Thus, my setup is to have both IMAP and POP3 running on my home server, and 
retrieve all mail via POP3 when I'm at work, and read my mail via mutt and 
IMAP when I'm at home.  That way I can read, response, delete, whatnot my 
mail at night using mutt, but still have all the mail available to pull into 
my work box the next day using KMail.  Since they aren't even on the same 
machine, there is no worrying about indexes or anything at all.

The reason I don't use IMAP exclusively is twofold: one, I only have a 
cablemodem with slow upload speed, so the responsiveness wouldn't be very 
good; two, KMail can't do filtering on imap accounts, and I don't want to 
have to learn fetchmail just to do what I can do in two clicks with KMail.

Hope all that helps, and have a great day.

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