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kmail: corrupted mbox folders


I'm using kmail with a mixture of imap, mbox and maildir folders (which I 
didn't noticed until now)

My actual problem is as follows:
If I click on a mail in a mbox folder it's going corrupted imediately.
Subject, sender etc. changes to  'unknown' and the messages seems to be a 
mixture of more than one mail.

Using mutt, I can read the folders with no problem. But I've recognized that 
all old mails which I've deleted via Kmail are still there.

In the ~/Mail directory I've found some binary files aside the mbox file. 
-rw-------    1 michael  michael   4285097 12. Sep 14:50 GMX
drwx--S---    2 michael  michael      4096 29. Dez 2001  .GMX.directory
-rw-------    1 michael  michael      1237 12. Sep 14:50 .GMX.index
-rw-r--r--    1 michael  michael        89 12. Sep 14:50 .GMX.index.ids
-rw-r--r--    1 michael  michael       441 12. Sep 14:50 .GMX.index.sorted

How can I get out of this??

May be using mutt to look at the folders causes the problem?

KDE 3.0.3 unstable.
Migrated from KDE 2.x

Thank you in advance

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