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This isn't really a problem, more of a puzzlement/inconvienince.  I've been 
using OSS for sound for a year or so with no problems with it, KDE included.
Recently, after installing Wine and few Windoze apps that need sound, I had to
disable the aRTS server in KDE to get Wine, it's drivers and OSS to play nice 
with KDE.  Sound does still work in both Wine/windoze apps and KDE with the 
exception of KDE system sounds.  No fanfare on startup, etc.  But, once KDE 
is up and running if I play a wav file, any wav will do, the KDE system sounds
start working as always, giving me perfect results sound-wise in all arenas.
Using Wine and a windoze app to play a wav won't do it, it has to be a Linux
sound app, but once done all is well.  I'm just curious as to why the system 
sounds don't become available (audible?) until it's kick started in that way.


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