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Re: Fonts are a big concern for Debian, IMHO

On Tue, 2002-08-20 at 14:07, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:
> > Perhaps cyrillic
> > and greek could be omitted at first, but it should be a goal.
> Perhaps latin and german could be omitted at first, but it should be a goal.


I would not object if a free font starts out with greek or cyrillic
letters, and other charsets added later. I would not object if some font
starts out as a ascii font with umlauts added later.

Right now Debian is not able to pick and chose from a vast number of
free high quality fonts, so denying inclusion of a font on the grounds
of incompletenes would be foolish (and there is not one complete font in
Debian right now. Unicode is quite huge... Assuming that Unicode is
accepted as 'complete' - I think this would be open to discussion, too.
And assuming the Software could even deal with proper unicode, which
most of todays software cannot - combining characters and bidi...)

-- vbi 

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