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Re: Fonts are a big concern for Debian, IMHO

On Monday 19 August 2002 09:47, Emanuele Gissi wrote:
> I read today that Microsoft doesn't offer any more its ttf for free.
> So I deinstalled the "mssttcorefonts" package.
	It was not necessary to do that. MS simply removed the fonts from their 
website, but the license is unchanged. And even if they had changed the 
license, it still would not have applied to pre-existing downloads. 

> Now I am back to the situation where I was some months ago: ugly fonts.
	Reinstall, using the fonts at http://corefonts.sourceforge.net/; no deb 
packages are provided, but you can download the cab files (.exe) and tell the 
msttcorefonts package where to find them on your hard drive.
	However, on a long term basis, the Linux community needs to start looking 
into hiring someone to create Free fonts. Raising money for such a cause 
would not be difficult; the effort to raise 100,000e for Blender passed the 
85,000e mark last week, after only a couple of weeks of campaigning, and this 
is for a rendering program. How many more people would be interested in 
donating money to produce good looking fonts? Let's raise the money and hire 
a professional to produce the fonts. 

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