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Fonts are a big concern for Debian, IMHO


I write to debian-kde as I am subscribed to it since a long time and I think 
that kde users are more interested in this subject that others.
Please, tell me if I am wrong.

Philosofical problem:

I read today that Microsoft doesn't offer any more its ttf for free.
So I deinstalled the "mssttcorefonts" package.

Now I am back to the situation where I was some months ago: ugly fonts.

The small firm where I work doesn't need super extra fonts but good looking 
scalable helvetica (arial), times, courier fonts and nothing else.
Anti aliasing for this three fonts would be a plus...

These are rather basic needs, I think.

And I think that XFree86, kde, defoma structure and so on should provide them 
out of the box.

Is it so hard to obtain?

Practical problem:

I can I hack XF86Config-4, XftConfig, /usr/share/fonts and so on to obtain 
this result? Someone else did it already?

Thank you very much for your daily help.
Emanuele Gissi.

Ing. Emanuele Gissi, PhD - Direttore Operativo
Agenzia per il Risparmio Energetico - SAVE Agency
via Trieste 2, I-60124 Ancona, Italy
ph & fax: 0039 071 2077575

"No one wakes up in the morning saying:
I want to consume 12kWh today." [HL Willis, 1996]

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