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Re: Fonts are a big concern for Debian, IMHO

> I read today that Microsoft doesn't offer any more its ttf for free.
> So I deinstalled the "mssttcorefonts" package.

They only took it down on their site. They can't change the license,


> And I think that XFree86, kde, defoma structure and so on should provide them
> out of the box.

Why? Where are they going to come from?

> Is it so hard to obtain?

Seeing as font designers claim to take a year per font or more, I'd say
yes. I think that making a font is less 'fun' for pro designers than
making an OS, but that's my opinion.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. Spread the word, please. The fonts
are still out there and they still have a license some of us can live

Question: if someone has a valid win install, can you copy their fonts
from windows side to linux side? If so, can they put them on a font
server: xttfs? If so, can clients from all over connect? If not, why not.
Or am I misunderstanding things?


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