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Re: KDE changing system time

Good day, everyone. Just my two cents on this subject: I know that many
motherboards are often set to UTC. Linux and UNIX in general have been
known to be set to UTC. In my case, I am in UTC-5 time (central time).  
Try setting the time via the date command and then follow that by
systohc (best done in single user mode).  If you have ntpdate running as
a daemon, that can also mess with the time if it's using UTC.

On Thu, 2002-08-15 at 07:55, Donald R. Spoon wrote:
> Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> wrote:
> > There's a discussion on the OxLug mailing list where people are saying that 
> > KDE messes with the system clock and Debian developers know about this.
> > 
> > What is it?
> > 
> > I've been running the latest Debian/unstable for the last 6 weeks with SE 
> > Linux banning such time changes and my logs indicate that KDE hasn't tried 
> > anything.
> > 
> This is the result the logical fallacy of arguing from the "specific' to 
> the "general", IMHO.  The people who are making such "authoritative" 
> statements probably started using KDE and noticed the system time was 
> off about the same time.  They connected the dots and began making 
> proclaimations without much further research.
> I have experienced this phenomena long before KDE became a reality!  As 
> it turns out, it is a function of several other factors at the hardware 
> and OS level.
> 1.  The hardware "clock" on the MB isn't always as stable a reference as 
> one would assume.  Bad design without too much consideration of inherent 
> drift, and sometimes a failing power source on the BIOS make them poor 
> time pieces over the long run.  If you buy a "cheap" MB, then you 
> probably are buying a poor timepiece in the bargin. You HAVE to correct 
> the BIOS settings periodically, just like you have to set your wrist 
> watch occasionally!
> 2.  The system clock is run in the OS and is quite different from the 
> "hardware" clock on the MB.  It is a much less stable reference than the 
> hardware clock and is normally synched with the hardware clock on 
> bootup.  On shutdown the two times are again compared, a drift rate is 
> computed, and this drift rate is applied to the system clock the next 
> time the computer is booted.  IIRC, heavy disk usage and other OS 
> functions can cause the system clock to miss a few beats, which 
> accumulate over time and can cause a highly variable estimate of that 
> drift rate on shutdown.  Things that make heavy use of system resources 
> will exacerbate this phenomena (KDE, X, large file transferes to & from 
> the HD, compiling a kernel, graphics, etc.).
> 3.  The longer your computer is "up" the bigger these differences 
> between the two clocks become, unless corrected periodically.  Servers, 
> routers, and others with long "uptimes" are particularly prone to large 
> time errors unless corrected.
> I could go on into finer details, but you get the idea.  We are dealing 
> with an imperfect time keeping method to begin with, and it is ludicrous 
> to state/or imply that KDE is the sole cause!
> The fix to all this is to synch your computer(s) with an external, 
> stable time reference.  You can do this manually if you want, but it is 
> quite easy to do it automatically.  I have set up one of my LAN 
> computers as a local time-server that is synched to an external 
> time-reference and then I synch all my other LAN compters to my local 
> time server.  I have been running this config for over a year, while 
> using KDE exclusively on all the computers, and I have NEVER had any 
> problems nor seen "KDE  messes with the sytem clock".
> I would not place such people in a position of authority....
> Cheers,
> -Don Spoon-
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