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Re: KDE changing system time

Jay Kline <list@slushpupie.com> wrote:

My KDE workstation awhile ago would suddenly jump head 4 or 5 hours, then back. It generally did this within a few seconds, but it was long enough for the screen saver to start up. As per company policy, my screen saver has a password. As it would do this sometimes 3-4 times an hour, you can imagine how frustrating this would be. I have a new workstation now, so I cant reproduce it anymore, but I always attributed it to hardware problems, because it was a really cheap mobo. But you said the system clock only deals with the hardware clock occationally. Does this mean there might have been some other issues?

Hard to say, but mauybe/probably. I had a friend recently who was perplexed about mysterious re-boots while running KDE on Debian. It too happened when the screensaver kicked in, and there was nothing in the logs to give a clue. It turned out that he had not turned off APM support in the BIOS setup, and there was some sort of interaction between this and whatever the various things the screensaver was doing when it kicked in. He turned off APM support in the BIOS and all was well... This "might' have been your problem... dunno. Just speculation here...

My point was blaming KDE for something just because it happens while KDE is running, is an overly simplistic explaination. It might be true, but then it should happen to everyone and this is NOT the case! I am hesitant to point my finger of blame unless I have pretty good evidence. An event, such as time setting jumping around, is NOT "evidence"... just a symptom. Diagnosis is a bit more complex than listing symptoms, IMHO.

In my experience, the only times I have had time "problems" is where I did something wrong... either in configuration, or trying to manually fix the problem! Blaming others was easy, but accepting that I was less than perfect was what finally lead to enlightenment and a "fix". I have had to eat a LOT of crow along the way.... <grin>.

-Don Spoon-

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