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Re: slooooooow

On Saturday 10 August 2002 15:37, Josep Febrer wrote:
> A Divendres 09 Agost 2002 22:18, John Gay va escriure:
> >  choosing a window manager that
> > didn't try to use excesive amounts of memory would yield much better
> > results.

I'm running windowmaker, which is light and fast and still usable. One of the 
best all purpose wm's around imho. I thought prelinking was more useful than 
what you describe - I though gentoo was using prelinking allready, with gcc 

> Try Equinox you can find at http://ede.sourceforge.net is the fastest
> desktop that I have seen on Linux. I recommend you to try the 1.0 beta is
> very fast, and compiles in a short time.

And that is the closest-to-windows 95 wm I've seen so far :) 

Frank Van Damme
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