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Re: slooooooow

On Fri 09 Aug 2002 18:23, Frank Van Damme wrote:
> On Saturday 27 July 2002 22:59, Frank Van Damme wrote:
> > Yow
> Something I just thought about:
> There seems to be a way to do library prelinking on gnu/linux to shorten
> startup times of large applications. Is it possible to do that on debian?
> It would take away some of my pain ;-)

objprelink is only useful for older versions of GCC and then can cause more 
problems than it solves. I've looked into this extensively while building a 
Linux From Scratch box and decided it would not help.

To take advantage of it, first you need to build objprelink
Then you need to modify the QT sources to call prelinking during the compile.
Then you have to re-compile ALL of KDE to take advantage of what will amount 
to NO speed improvements at all, since QT and KDE for Debian are allready 
compiled with a newer version of GCC.

You would be looking at upto a week, on your hardware for nothing.

On the other hand, installing more memory and choosing a window manager that 
didn't try to use excesive amounts of memory would yield much better results.


	John Gay

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