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Re: slooooooow

On Sun 11 Aug 2002 22:58, Frank Van Damme wrote:
> On Saturday 10 August 2002 15:37, Josep Febrer wrote:
> > A Divendres 09 Agost 2002 22:18, John Gay va escriure:
> > >  choosing a window manager that
> > > didn't try to use excesive amounts of memory would yield much better
> > > results.
> I'm running windowmaker, which is light and fast and still usable. One of
> the best all purpose wm's around imho. I thought prelinking was more useful
> than what you describe - I though gentoo was using prelinking allready,
> with gcc 3.1?
 Well, have a read for yourself here:
The code's own author states
 Recent versions of the GNU tools now contain a feature that replicates the 
benefits of objprelink1 using a different approach. Chances are that you have 
it, and therefore do not need objprelink. Follow this link to check if you 
have them. 

 There is a new hack named objprelink2 that provides an additional 50% 
reduction of the runtime linking speed. Runtime linking, however, has become 
a much smaller part of the total application startup time. That is no longer 
an obvious speed improvement in KDE. 

So have a read, but I think you'll be disapointed.

> > Try Equinox you can find at http://ede.sourceforge.net is the fastest
> > desktop that I have seen on Linux. I recommend you to try the 1.0 beta is
> > very fast, and compiles in a short time.
> And that is the closest-to-windows 95 wm I've seen so far :)

Closer than KDE ;-)

I've never looked at Equinox, so I can't say, but for small, low memory 
desktop, I've found xfce to be great! And it's about a different from Windows 
as you can get. It's based on CDE instead, but it's small and infinately 
configurable. It even supports Drag-N-Drop. The page also points out a tight 
little browser. Only 300K source. It's still alpha code, but I've found it to 
be quite stable on my 200Mhz LFS box. The only down side is it does not 
support passwords via http at all. I had to disable the security for cups and 
I can't use my SmoothWall from it at all. But I've had no other problems with 


	John Gay

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