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Re: prefix settings for compiling QT and KDE3?

On Fri 02 Aug 2002 19:46, Jens Benecke wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 04:44:48PM +0100, John Gay wrote:
> > 3) Since the / partition is only 100M there is not enough room to put QT
> > and KDE3 into /opt, which is part of the / partition.
> > I've tried to deduce the settings used for QT and KDE2 in Woody, but not
> > being an expert, or even an amatuer programmer I am easily confused.
> You can symlink /opt to /usr/opt or something, or just use "./configure
> --prefix=/usr/kde" when compiling KDE.

I'd prefer not to use symlinks, since they conflict with the FHS so,

Can I use --prefix=/usr/qt and --prefix=/usr/kde for QT and KDE respectfully 
for sensible and FHS-compliant locations or should I use --prefix=/usr for 

I am currently building cups and will be getting the rest of QT's and KDE3's 
prereq's this weekend. I was hoping to get a patch for the DRI gamma driver 
but it's not ready for use yet.

I realise this is not exactly Debian specific, but I've used Debian for years 
now and know that they are the most FHS-compliant distro going, so I respect 
the opinions of Debian maintainers.

Thanks for all the help. Hopefully this time it will compile in less than a 
week ;-)


	John Gay

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