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Re: Root Window

On Friday 02 August 2002 13:50, Daniel Haas wrote:

> Well if you are thinking of programs like Xearth or so, just go to the
> Desktop Settings vie "Configure Desktop" on Desktop Menu, and in the
> Background settings choose under Mode "Background Program", and adjust your
> settings. (Settings for XEarth are already there). I have this painlessly
> running with XPlanet. But if you want to use tools like xtail, i'm not
> shure if that can be done in an easy way.

Yes, unfortunatly it's the other programs, like xfishtank. It works fine with 
Gnome, Enlightenment, twm, fvwm, etc, but it and programs like it just can't 
seem to wrestle the root window away from kde.  All this because I have one 
user that wants to have the fishies swimming on her desktop in kde.   :)

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