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prefix settings for compiling QT and KDE3?

I've been playing with Linux From Scratch on a spare PC, since I wanted to 
see just how much performance I can squeeze out of a 200Mhz PentiumMMX.

As I usually do, I made the / partition quite small and put /usr, /var and 
/home on seperate partitions. Unfortunately most of the 'hints' for QT and 
KDE use /opt to put both QT and KDE into. I would prefer to keep things in 
1) This is why /usr is on it's own partition.
2) /usr is for system programs, /opt is available for add-ons.
3) Since the / partition is only 100M there is not enough room to put QT and 
KDE3 into /opt, which is part of the / partition.

I've tried to deduce the settings used for QT and KDE2 in Woody, but not 
being an expert, or even an amatuer programmer I am easily confused.

I also plan to try the object prelinking for even more performance, since 
KDE3 would otherwise be almost unusable on such a system.

So, where should I place the QT and KDE under /usr and what settings do I 
need to give to the various configure scripts?

I know I need to build libpng, libjpeg and libmng before the QT stuff. I also 
plan to build cups and all it's prereq's so that I can have cups available as 
well. I'm also going to check out what else KDE can make use of so I don't 
have to build it once again. The last time took over 48 hours just to compile 
QT, but I've added a lot more memory now so things should go a little bit 

Thanks for all the help and info.


	John Gay

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