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Re: Dependendcy problem KDE3/wine

Has anyone done this successfully? Can this person make the .deb package
available for others? I tried it, but the compiler always stopped with
cryptic error messages (which usually is the case every time I try to
compile something from source) ...

On Thu, 2002-08-01 at 11:25, Rob Andrews wrote:
> [Thomas Ritter wrote in newsgate.debian.kde]
>  > after installing KDE3 from the well known apt source, I am unable to install 
>  > debian wine, as libwine depends on libarts, where KDE3 installed and needs 
>  > libarts1. Has anyone resolved this yet? Installing libarts would uninstall my
>  > whole KDE3...
> The previously discussed fix was to manually fetch the build dependacies of
> wine (without libarts-dev, obviously), and install libarts1-dev. Then fetch
> the wine source, edit debian/control to depend on "libarts1" instead of
> "libarts", and debian/rules binary to build your own packages of it.
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