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PDF wont print with Kghostview


I have a large PDF of about 150 pages that wont print either in its entirity 
or in part using KDDE 3.02 and Kghostview. It says its printing and I can see 
the job go to the spooler, and then disapear. CUPs reports that it aborted 
the job as there were no pages to print. Kghostview will print say a chapter 
of it to a file but again that file wont print. Xpdf however whilst not very 
pretty will print the PDF fine.

Any ideas ? Is this something to do with the abilty to make a PDF read only 
and disable printing of it and if so how do I tell if this is the case with 
this PDF ?


Pat Colbeck
E-mail:	pcolbeck@bashq.org
Tel:	I'm not telling

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